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The Martha Bigliani Scholarship Fund

Extend the YFU experience to all who are interested

As a career and lifelong advocate for bringing the exchange opportunity to those least able to participate, one of Martha’s last efforts was to introduce an initiative to establish a YFU international student scholarship program. In reaction to her passing in 2013, an International Scholarship Fund in her memory was established. Martha wanted us to always the keep in mind the true meaning and the core values of Youth for Understanding. She wanted us to remember that we need to give the possibility of the exchange experience also to those young people with limited financial possibilities.

What starts with a single person, over time influences nations

At YFU we believe that we will create a peaceful world by fostering active global citizens. A single person can change their surroundings and have an impact beyond their closest family and friends. Through the Martha Bigliani Scholarship Fund, we have made it possible for more than 20 young people to discover another culture, by opening up their hearts and minds and embracing differences to see similarities. The fund has given students who otherwise wouldn't have the financial opportunity, the support to participate in a YFU exchange program. This was Martha’s wish: to make sure the world is everyone’s home, no matter their financial status.